Rachel True from THE CRAFT is a tarot reader!


Neve Campbell, Fairuza Balk and Rachel True from THE CRAFT

Wow, file this under things I didn’t know until today. Pam Grossman‘s new podcast “The Witch Wave” has had some terrific guests in its brief incarnation so far, and this week her show features an interview with Rachel True, who played Rochelle in that infamous 1996 film about teenage witches, THE CRAFT.

Rochelle’s character was iconic for being one of the rare portrayals of a person of color practicing Wicca-style witchcraft in contemporary cinema. Turns out that, like actress Fairuza Balk, who opened an occult shop in Los Angeles called Pan Pipes (I went there once and bought a tee  shirt!) not long after the film was released, Rachel also has maintained and nurtured her interest in things magical. I love when life imitates art, especially when witches are involved!


Rachel True, then and now

Pam posted a teaser of this recent episode on Instagram:

I’m so excited about the NEW EPISODE of The Witch Wave! It features the delightful and insightful Rachel True of True Heart Tarot and the iconic 1996 witch movie, THE CRAFT. Rachel discusses the transformative power of tarot, acting as magic, her love of voodoo queen Marie Laveau, and what is was like starring in a cult witchcraft film as its sole character of color. I also discuss good ways to deal with Mercury Retrograde (something we could all use right now!) Have a listen on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, RSS, or on witchwavepodcast.com.

Check out the episode and the previous ones archived; this podcast is full of wonderful surprises on a regular basis. And also be sure to check out Pam’s long-running website of occult arts and fascination, Phantasmapile.